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AZS Bricks Properties

AZS electrofusion bricks are also known as fused zirconium corundum bricks. With the development of the glass industry, AZS electrofusion bricks have become a necessary refractory material for glass furnaces. It is resistant to the erosiveness of the molten glass.

AZS Brick In RS

AZS Brick In RS

The fused zirconium corundum bricks are divided into 33#, 36#, and 41#. The zirconium content is different, the materials are different, and the parts used are different. For glass melting furnaces, 90% of the parts require high-quality fused zirconia corundum bricks, that is, AZS fused bricks. It is still unclear about the use of fused zirconium corundum bricks/AZS fused bricks in glass kiln. In order not to cause waste of kiln bricks.

Performance of cast zirconia corundum brick

The fused zirconium corundum brick is cooled and melted by high temperature oxidation and cast after cooling. The solidification and hardening process of the molten liquid is the process of forming the crystal structure in the zirconia corundum brick. During the cooling of the molten liquid, the crystallization of ZrO2 and Al2O3 produces a crystalline phase of oblique zircon and corundum, and most of them are in the form of oblique zircon-corundum co-crystals, forming a skeleton structure in the zirconia corundum brick. SiO2 and Na2O constitute the glass phase in the zirconia corundum brick. As the temperature decreases, impurities such as Fe2O3 and TiO2 enter the glass phase and are filled between the frameworks of the oblique zircon-corundum cocrystal. Therefore, the fused zirconium corundum brick crystals are well developed, closely arranged, have few pores, and have excellent performance.

Low Price AZS Brick

Low Price AZS Brick

Physical and Chemical Properties

After the glass phase in the is oozing out at a high temperature use state, it is replaced with a high temperature glass melt, thereby accelerating the erosion of the crystal phase. Therefore, the glass phase bleed out performance of the fused zirconium corundum brick directly affects the corrosion resistance of the cast zirconia corundum brick and the product quality of the glass.

AZS Brick

AZS Brick

Related questions and answers
What should I pay attention to when using fused zirconia corundum bricks (fused zirconium corundum bricks) in glass kiln?

(1) The co-melting and casting of zirconium corundum bricks and clay bricks are in contact with each other, and eutectic phenomenon occurs at a high temperature of 1300 . Therefore, when refractory materials are selected, two kinds of refractory materials with severe eutectic phenomena should be avoided from contacting the masonry. For example, silica bricks are most likely to be eroded by fused zirconium corundum bricks under the zirconia corundum bricks.

(2) Irregular changes in thermal expansion
The expansion curve of the zirconia corundum brick has an anomaly near 1000 , and the internal ZrO2 crystal undergoes a reversible crystal transformation with a large volume change. Therefore, the product containing ZrO2 should not be used at around 1000 , and the temperature is often A region that fluctuates sharply. When baking the kiln, the temperature change at 900~1150 should not be too large, generally can not exceed 15 / h, requiring a steady temperature rise. Some parts should be protected from blowing cold air and protected by other bricks to prevent cracking.

(3) When the shrinkage hole is cast, the shrinkage hole often appears at the casting mouth, and the brick body has more pores and the density is poor. Therefore, when the glass wall of the glass melting part is made, the shrinkage hole is directed toward the direction of the kiln. In addition, when the brick body is eroded to a very thin level, it will cause a leakage of glass liquid accident. When used in the upper flame space of the kiln, the service life is very long, and there is no problem of running glass. Therefore, the casting port is used outwards to extend the service life.

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