The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fire Clay Bricks or firebricks are blocks of refractory cement. They are also called refractory bricks and they are used to line kiln, fireplaces, fireboxes, and furnaces among other items needed to withstand extreme temperatures. They have the ability to stand up to these high temperatures, but they also have a low conductivity which leads to better energy efficiency.

Fire Clay Bricks For Sale From RS

Fire Clay Bricks For Sale From RS

In an electric or gas-fired kiln applications, kiln bricks are better than refractory cement bricks. They are lighter and easier to form. They do a better job of insulating than the cement bricks do. There are some disadvantages to fire bricks but there are also many advantages.

The following details go over both the main advantages and disadvantages of them. Fire bricks for sale in RS company do hold up well in high, rapidly changing temperatures. They are commonly used and very easy to purchase online or from a direct supplier. When choosing a product, always review the manufacturer’s specifications.

You want to buy a good-quality fire clay brick so that you get the best results for your end product. Not all bricks are made the same even though they contain very similar ingredients.

Fire Clay Bricks In RS Company

Fire Clay Bricks In RS Company

Fire Clay Bricks Advantages

The biggest advantage is that they are good for the environment. They are made from recycled materials so they are also good for people as well as the environment.

They are extremely good at insulating against heat and they are fireproof. This makes them a safe choice to use to line all kinds of high-heat products.

Fire clay bricks can later be used in place of concrete in other applications. They are resourceful but they are also inexpensive. They do not cost as much as other fire bricks do. The lighter versions cost more than the heavier ones do. Still, they are highly durable no matter what their density is.

While being capable of insulating against fire, they are also moisture-proof. They will not absorb moisture, so they keep a lining clean and dry. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to choose them for your application. However, if you do, you will also want to know what their disadvantages are.

Low Price Fire Clay Bricks

Low Price Fire Clay Bricks

Disadvantages of Fire Clay Bricks

They are made of concrete which makes them heavier than other mason products. Keep this in mind because this will impact the weight or cost of the item you are building.

They are not very soundproof. This may not affect your product’s end performance, but if you are building something for a home, you may need to reconsider using them if they might cause a disruption.

No matter what, the fire clay brick is either made by hand or by machine. Check with your manufacturer to find out how your product is made. Be sure to ask whether it is a solid brick or a hollow brick. Hollow bricks can be load bearing or non-load bearing.

There are not many disadvantages to them. Now that you are aware of both the advantages and disadvantages you know more about fire clay and what it can do for you.

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